The cannabis landscape is changing almost daily in the U.S. and globally. Marijuana has gone from an underground substance enjoyed hidden in private to one that is being credited with creating jobs and saving lives. Low THC strains of the cannabis plant are being used to treat debilitating illnesses that have proven resistant to other forms of treatment, many of which are much more harmful and invasive than marijuana.

The public’s support for legalization is at it’s highest with even politicians, both Democrat and Republican, questioning the efficacy of the failed drug war, with some going as far as to  proposing to lift the federal prohibition on cannabis. The legalization of marijuana and the continuing the failed drug war are surely to be a big part of the upcoming presidential election in 2016.


Along with all these changes has also seen cannabis becoming an industry. Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. with estimates topping $20 billion in a few short years.  Thousands are jumping into the legal marijuana game at all levels. More growers, activists, retailers, and dispensaries. Competition will continue to increase with more states legalizing marijuana. Prices will drop as competition and supply work to drive market prices for marijuana south.

So how does a marijuana dispensary business stand out from the competition in such a crowded field?

What will distinguish one medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana dispensary from the next in this new connected age where all marijuana competitors are neighbors on the digital highway?

It is no longer sufficient to treat a small business’ online presence as an after-thought; this is particularly true for marijuana dispensaries where quality of the product is quickly inferred from first impression of the medical or recreational marijuana dispensary’s website.

Nothing says “quality” to the potential recreational marijuana customer or cannabis patient like a great looking and functional marijuana dispensary website.  A marijuana dispensary website is the window to your business. And on the web, the saying first impression is everything is doubly true!

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